Workgroup Overview

Result to guide this work:
  • All in Buncombe county have access to nutritious food and are inspired to make choices and utilize skills that support a healthy life
Indicators identified to monitor progress in achieving this result:
  • Food insecurity
  • Adult consumption of fruits and vegetables during the past week
  • * Note: Partners also identified that diabetes is an important indicator to monitor in regards to food security and vegetable consumption.
Action Plan


  • Build on community successes and identify gaps via Mission Mapping and partner follow-up to clarify what is happening in the community around
    • use of media and messaging campaigns
    • Skills education
    • Built environment (community gardens, pantries, corner stores, tailgates)
    • System change work in schools, health care, transportation, policy
  • Research and present for review to group, evidenced-based successes from other communities around above
  • Convene team to explore the eNOugh campaign or similar initiatives and how they could be used to support food security and healthy eating. (Team members identified)
  • New Support work initiated by Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council with multi-agency engagement to explore bringing a SNAP "Double Bucks" program to Buncombe County. 
  • Research details of Oregon's FEAST campaign.
  • Follow-up with ASAP about worker engagement initiative
  • Begin engaging newly identified partners
  • Research
  • Fill “data holes”
6-12 months:

  • Identify the most effective strategies to REALLY work together with those most closely impacted by food security
  • Community Navigators, Photo Voice, stipends to community members assisting with engagement and data collection, Powerful People curriculum, 
  • Explore use of "Talk to Action-type Approach with community members"
  • Define organization/agency/people commitment
For more information contact Terri March

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