Saturday, January 28, 2017

January - Action Planning for Skills-based Education Collaboration

The Food Security Workgroup met on January 13th.  The majority of the meeting focused on development of a draft action plan around our strategy to: Establish a community-wide approach to collaborating with and referring to existing skills-based education programs to address healthy eating and food security

After defining who our "customers" were for this strategy, we identified potential common performance metrics for the results we hope to see. We then drafted a map of action steps needed to impact these metrics.  As we move forward, we will need to modify, clarify and expand it, but it is a great start and something we can work with. Please take a few minutes to review the meeting notes and the draft action map. 

A small team will meeting in early February to create criteria for the type of education program that will be included in this collaborative. Additional next steps include meeting with identified potential partners and stakeholders for this strategy.  

Lastly, we need to identify what your preference is for the structure of these meetings moving forward.  I've created a very brief questionnaire to get you input.  I ask that you respond in the next few days so we can schedule our next meeting and keep the momentum going.

Click here for detailed meeting minutes, powerpoint (agenda, meeting structure and background info), and draft action plan or visit the links on the righthand toolbar. 

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